Kate Beckinsale just went bottle blonde with new ‘blob’ haircut

kate beckinsale blonde bob
Kate Beckinsale just went blonde with new 'blob'Getty Images

Kate Beckinsale just pulled a total hair transformation out of her Santa sack. An early Christmas present for us all. She just went from long brunette locks to a blonde bob that her stylist is calling a 'blob' haircut. Obsessed. Hilarious name, but looks anything but.

The wavy long bob was the work of Dimitris Giannetos, the scissors behind many a celeb hair transformation, and honestly, this one is such a switch-up.

Sharing photos of the style to Instagram Dimitris wrote: "KATE Beckinsale ♥️ “BLOB” aka Blonde bob. Stunning Kate today in Los Angeles!" And he's not wrong

Looking abso stunning indeed, the light honey blonde had a deeper biscuit root, and fell just skimming the collarbones for a face-framing wash of gold. It's perfectly toned to enhance her complexion, rather than wash it out, as can happen when there's limited contrast between the skin and hair colour; not on Dimitris watch.

The new look was worn to a girls' dinner, with Kate sharing her own snaps of the look, captioned: "Lovely intimate dinner dinner for #gheradofelloni , Creative Director of @rogervivier , hosted by @laurabrown99 and @kiernanshipka . Two girls' nights in a row ❤️ Lucky me"

Honestly and with this festive all red fit? *chefs kiss* and it seems the fans agree with the comments showing instant approval:

"Omg! Blond looks so good on you 😍"

"Omg 𝑲 🐱!!! You look absolutely sensational!! 🔥🔥🔥"

"Kate Beckinsale looks like a Goddess descended from Mount Olympus to delight people with her majesty and beauty."

That last one is my personal fave.

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