It's Kate Middleton and Prince William’s 1st Wedding Anniversary: Bumper Gallery Special!

It’s been twelve months. And WHAT a twelve months. One Prince, and one Princess, 46 public engagements, five pairs of LK Bennett shoes, one dress previously worn by her Mum, over 4 million clicks on the mother-of-all-Kate-blogs,, and only two skirts. Kate and Wills, Catherine and William, The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge – whatever: Grazia Daily salutes you.

Since stepping into the public eye a year ago on their amazing wedding day, Kate and William have quickly turned into (arguably) the most popular members of the royal family. But what have we actually learned about Kate and Wills in the past year?

Well – they are as ordinary as you could possibly be, given their extraordinary roles, and the level of interest in their lives. Kate has been spotted stocking up on groceries at Waitrose and TESCO near the couple’s home in North Wales (new favourite titbit: her breakfast cereal of choice is ‘Kellogg’s Start’ OF COURSE), they frequently walk their cocker spaniel puppy, Lupo, on the beach near their house, and last year they were spotted ducking into their local cinema to see ‘Bridesmaids’. Which we are ABSOLUTELY certain was William's choice.

In public, though, they undoubtedly make up the most glamorous thing to happen to Britain since the Beckhams went global. The sight of them appearing together on the red carpet at the War Horse premiere, or at the BAFTA reception in LA, or at a concert in Ottowa, is enough to make front page headlines not only here but across the world.

Alone, too, Kate has more than proved her worth as a royal. While Prince William was away on tour of duty in the Falkland Islands, Kate performed six engagements solo, including her first engagement alone with The Queen.

Much like her new grandmother-in-law, in fact,  Kate has found a style that works perfectly for her new role. Relying on a base wardrobe stocked high with pieces by Alexander McQueen, Jenny Packham, L K Bennett and Reiss, Kate also wears designs from a surprisingly diverse range of labels, from the Mom-tastic Luisa Spagnoli through to iconic labels like Pucci and Prada, and edgy designers like Tabitha Simmons. In fact, six of the nominees for last year’s British Fashion Awards were worn by Kate in the twelve months before it – Mulberry, Burberry, Erdem, Tabitha Simmons, Stella McCartney and Alexander McQueen. Pretty impressive, non?

And what about Wills? What have we learned about his style in the past year? Well, is the past twelve months have taught us anything about The Duke, it’s this: receding hairline or not, Wills looks pretty damn good in uniform.

Don't forget that you can check out more of Kate's outfits by clicking on our Kate Middleton lookbook.

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