Kate Middleton And Prince William's Plane Has To Turn Back In Emergency Over Islamabad

Photo credit: Chris Jackson - Getty Images


The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge have encountered a problem while performing their royal duties on tour in Pakistan.

Today, the couple visited the historical Badshahi mosque in Lahore, which comes after a hectic schedule the preceding day, which included taking in the Hindu Kush mountain range and a valley in Chitral.

Upon leaving Lahore, however, the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge have reportedly experienced something rather dramatic.

After boarding a plane, bound for Islamabad, an electrical storm is said to have erupted, with lightning visible over the right wing.

Photo credit: AAMIR QURESHI - Getty Images

Accounts are also indicating that the plane even rolled to the side during the heavy weather.

The RAF Voyager is said to then have circled Pakistan's capital for around an hour, twice attempting a landing, but despite the best efforts of the pilot, was forced to abort its original plans and turn around, heading back to Lahore.

An eyewitness claims to have seen lightning striking close to the plane, as the vessel 'bumped and rolled' with the weather's turbulence.

After landing, Prince William - himself an experienced helicopter pilot - reassured concerned fans, that despite the scary moment, he and Kate Middleton were fine. He even, reportedly made a joke that he was the one doing the flying.

Despite what sounds like a very unnerving experience, it seems as though the couple have come out of it unscathed and we wish them the best for the rest of the tour.

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