Kathy Chow is unhappy with TVB

Kathy Chow is unhappy with TVB

19 Sep – Rumour has it that actress Kathy Chow is upset about TVB's treatment of her, or lack thereof, during the filming of "Sniper Standoff" and decided to forgo the rest of the promotional activities for the series.

According to East Week magazine, the "Cherished Moments" actress has been keeping her dissatisfaction to herself since she noticed that her comeback was not given as much attention as Esther Kwan's return in "Always And Ever" or Francis Ng's return in "Triumph In The Skies II".

In addition, TVB gave more publicity to her co-star Kate Tsui in "Sniper Standoff", whose popularity has already been on the rise this year.

Kate Tsui was put front and centre in every promotional event and was even given more screen time in the series, despite earlier reports saying that Kathy will get the interesting subplot that involves a love triangle with Eddie Cheung and Michael Tse.

Kathy herself has denied such rumours, but it was speculated that this was not the case as the actress was seen heading back to Beijing immediately after a promotional event recently.

Meanwhile, Kate Tsui recently denied rumours of a fall out with her 46-year-old co-star, saying that the amount of screen time does not matter and that working with Kate was a rare opportunity that she did not take for granted.