Katy Perry Was Upstaged on ‘SNL’ by the Hypnotic Moves of ‘Backpack Kid’

Turns out a 15-year-old unknown has the dance moves and swagger to upstage Katy Perry.

Perry served as the musical guest for the season finale of Saturday Night Live on May 20, but during her rendition of “Swish Swish,” a backpack-wearing teenager was all that people were talking about. At the tail-end of Perry’s performance, 15-year-old Russell Horning walked onstage and begin swinging his arms like a pendulum, faster and faster, until it became impossible to look away.

Horning is known on Instagram as @i_got_barzz and performs awkward, hip-hop-influenced dancing (even though his bio reads “I can’t dance lol”). He has over 520,000 followers (and counting) and usually tapes himself dancing solo in his bedroom, as seen in his second-ever video from 2016:

Although in his first-ever video, also from 2016, he’s dancing with a group:

The secret to his appeal seems to lie in his improvised arm work and a complete lack of facial expression. Seriously, he doesn’t smile, frown, grimace, laugh or even blink — even when he’s standing close to Katy Perry!

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