Kay Burley reveals she didn't vote in EU referendum during incredibly awkward interview

Joe Gamp
Contributor, Yahoo News UK

Sky News presenter Kay Burley has revealed she didn’t vote in the EU referendum live on air after a pro-Brexit supporter accused her of being a Remainer.

The broadcaster was hosting a heated discussion on a second referendum with Brexit Party MEP Lucy Harris and pro-EU activist Femi Oluwole of Our Future, Our Choice (OFOC).

But the interview became even more fiery when the anchor said Ms Harris was “silly” for saying Remainers wanted “a new referendum every day”.

Ms Burley said she is an "impartial journalist" (SKY NEWS)

Ms Harris, 28, replied by suggesting Ms Burley supported Remain.

The news anchor snapped at Ms Harris: “You have no idea how I voted by the way”, to which she replied: “Sure.”

Ms Burley, clearly rattled, continued: “So which way do you think I voted?”

Ms Harris said: “I think you voted Remain, Kay.”

But the presenter turned to Mr Oluwole and said: “Shall I tell her that I didn’t vote or not?”

Ms Harris, stunned by the admission, launched back at the Sky News presenter, saying: “In this country you should be using your vote.”

But in reply, Ms Burley shrugged and said: “Maybe I’m using my vote by not voting.

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“I’m entitled to do that. I’m also an impartial journalist, so as a result... what, you don’t think I am?”

Ms Harris answered: “No Kay, I don’t think you are.”

Ms Burley ended the stand-off by concluding: “OK, thanks for joining us on the programme this afternoon.


“I actually looked at an Ofcom report the other day that suggested that Sky News was the most trusted news service in the country as far as broadcasters were concerned. Just saying.”

The news presenter is often accused of being bi-partisan.

In 2014, Mrs Burley called a Scottish Independence “yes” voter a “bit of a knob” live on air, unaware her mic was still switched on.

She claimed she made the remark after a campaigner tried “to hit” one of her cameramen with a stick.