Ke Zhendong shared experiences

Ke Zhendong shared experiences

5 Feb – Ke Zhendong's performance in the surprise Taiwanese hit "You Are The Apple Of My Eye" and his recently obtained Best Newcomer at the Golden Horse Awards last year has skyrocketed the youth to superstar status, and naturally, everyone is clamoring for a look into what makes Ke tick, according to

Ke admitted that when he was younger, he was just a fat boy with low-self esteem.

"I remember when I was in high school, my heaviest weight was 90kg. My friends were as handsome as the F4 group and they were the most popular students in school. I didn't have enough confidence with myself, I don't like to talk to strangers and seldom took pictures. However, I learnt to be optimistic with my look and I thought as long as I had great personality, getting a girlfriend was not a big problem even though I was fat," said Ke.

The 20-year-old actor also added that he spent a lot of effort in keeping his body fit by exercising a lot and managing a proper diet.

"My idol was Huang Xiaoming. He looked cool and he was my motivation to keep fit."

When asked, Ke revealed that he had no problem in shooting the masturbation and nude scenes in "You Are The Apple Of My Eye". He claimed that those scenes were just the results of director Gidden Ko's filming techniques.

"I hope I can still play the role of a young man in my next movie. Being an actor allows you to portray different types of people that you may not be in reality. I will definitely take more acting courses to improve my acting skills," said Ke about his rising movie career.