Kedah Health Department denies claims of Bukit Selambau Health Clinic being inefficient


ALOR STAR: The Kedah Health Department today denied that the staff at Bukit Selambau Health Clinic in Sungai Petani failed to provide medical treatment promptly as suggested by a video which has gone viral on social media yesterday.

It is director Datuk Dr Norhizan Ismail said based on internal investigation, the patient concerned in the video, had arrived at the clinic about 2pm, seeking treatment for a cut on his toe and was registered within five minutes.

He said at 2.15pm the patient was taken by the assistant medical officer for outpatient treatment where he received preliminary treatment and an injection by a nurse.

Dr Norhizan said the clinic’s medical officer was informed by the nurse on the case and he subsequently ordered his assistant to provide the prescribed treatment to the patient.

He said at that time, the medical officer was conducting an ultrasound scan on a pregnant patient and had to make an ophthalmology case reference to the hospital.

“At 2.21pm, the assistant medical officer had provided the follow-up treatment to the patient concerned and it was completed at 2.40pm,” he said in a statement.

He also stressed that the standard waiting time at the clinic is set within 30 minutes upon arrival and the patient was attended to within 15 minutes.

However, Dr Norhizan said a man who accompanied the patient began recording a video at 2.23pm (according to the complainant’s time) and kicking up a fuss while threatening a staff at the front desk that he would circulate the video on social media.

“The man had barged into all the rooms at the clinic while recording the video and intimidating the staff, causing them to refrain from offering a full explanation on the procedures at the clinic, to avoid any untoward incident.

“The man was also advised to file his complaint through the proper channel but he insisted to continue recording the video with the intention to have it go viral on social media,” he said.

In expressing his regret over the man’s behaviour, Dr Norhizan explained that the clinic was manned by three medical officers but on that particular day, only one of them was on duty as one was attending a course, while the other one was off-duty.

“The state Health Department is always trying to give the best service to the people, but we need the public’s cooperation from the patient and customers to provide the best services.

“Should anyone have any complaints, please convey it through the proper channel. Such act of filming such a video will just disrupt civil servants in carrying out their duty,” he said.

The two-part video of a man berating staff at the clinic for allegedly being late in attending to the patients has been widely circulated in an attempt to expose the supposedly poor services at the clinic.