Kedah Pas Youth approves motion to review ties with PKR


YAN: Kedah Pas Youth today passed a motion urging the Islamic party to review its political cooperation (tahaluf siyasi) with PKR.

The motion was passed at the end of the wing’s annual delegates conference held at Jerai Pas division headquarters in Padang Lumat here today.

It is understood that the motion received unanimous votes from the delegates, following PKR’s refusal to sever its ties with DAP, which has been critical of Pas leadership and the party’s principles.

Recently, dozens of Pas divisions nationwide had passed a motion at their respective annual delegates meeting calling for the party leadership to cut its ties with PKR.

Pas president Datuk Seri Abdul Hadi Awang was reported as saying that the status of the party’s relationship with PKR would be decided at its 63rd national annual delegates conference (muktamar) to be held in Kedah end of this month.

Earlier today, Pas Youth national deputy chief, Muhammad Khalil Abdul Hadi, advised the wing members to prepare for any possibility in the 14th general election (GE14), including fighting lone battles should the party decide to sever ties with PKR, and other opposition parties which do not respect its policies.

In his speech while opening the state Pas Youth muktamar this morning, Khalil reminded the wing members that they must stand behind the party leadership’s and Syura Council’s decisions on ‘tahaluf siyasi’, with partners in the opposition block.

Meanwhile, the state Pas Youth delegates today had unanimously voted Salim Mahmood as the new chief and Nurul Amin Hamid as his deputy, while Nasrun Othman won the contest for the vice chief post.

Incumbent state Youth chief Mohd Azam Abd Samat, who is also Sungai Limau assemblyman did not defend his post as he is over the age limit for the youth wing movement.