Keep your baby warm and cozy on trips with these quality car seat blankets

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Car seat blankets (or car seat covers) can help keep your baby warm, cozy, and dry, especially when transferring the car seat from your vehicle to your house. A good car seat blanket will not only fit your baby’s car seat perfectly but it will also be made from a soft, insulating material with an attractive pattern. 

Some car seat blankets might be better suited for your needs than others, and they may include certain features that set them apart from the competition. With so many available, you’re bound to find a car seat blanket that’s great for you and your baby, but there are certain things to consider that can make this process quicker and easier. Check out our selection of the most popular car seat blankets available and keep reading for tips on how to make a high-quality choice.

Top car seat blankets worth considering in 2022

JJ Cole Infant Car Seat Cover: Our pick

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This JJ Cole car seat cover is available in various stylish colors, from its Blush Pink design to its Red Buffalo Check. It’s made with a soft fleece lining that will keep your baby warm during cold weather, and its outer layer is made from water-resistant nylon to keep your baby dry in the rain. This car seat blanket can be used instead of a large coat, allowing your child to move their arms around more freely beneath it. It can fit on a standard-sized baby stroller, and the front of the cover can either be entirely or partially unzipped to match your baby’s needs, depending on the weather.


  • Hang toys from its loop

  • Fits on car seats and baby strollers

  • Water-resistant and warm


  • Doesn’t fully cover the baby’s face

Skip Hop Winter Car Seat Cover: Another great option

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This Skip Hop Winter Car Seat blanket is made from machine-washable polyester material and is available in several colors and patterns, with a fleece lining to make sure your child stays warm and snug. The collar has snap buttons that will hold it open, but you can also fully close the cover to shelter your baby from the cold. The front of the cover is entirely removable, making it easy to remove or place your baby in the seat without having to take off the entire cover every time. This car seat cover also comes with an elastic bottom, allowing it to fit any size car seat.


  • Available in several different styles

  • Snap buttons hold the collar in place

  • Compatible with any size car seat


  • Cover rests on baby’s face when closed

Liuliuby Winter Car Seat Cover: Also consider

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This Liuliuby car seat blanket comes in a windproof and water-resistant wrap-around style that makes it a great car seat cover for those cold and snowy late-winter days. The coral fleece lining keeps your baby comfortable so that you can enjoy a quiet drive no matter where you’re going, whether it’s a quick stop at the store or a weekend visit to grandma's. The top of the cover has a magnetic closure flap that can shield your baby’s face when transporting them from the car to your home. This flap can be conveniently stored in a pocket when not in use, and the blanket’s elasticated edges allow it to fit snugly over any car seat. This blanket’s design allows it to be fully opened quickly and easily, so you won’t have to struggle to get your little one out of their seat.


  • Can completely cover baby

  • Warm coral fleece lining

  • Windproof, water-resistant shell


  • Magnetic closure could be stronger

Cozy Cover Car Seat Cover: Another option

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This weather-resistant Cozy Cover car seat blanket can help keep your baby protected from snow, rain, and all those pesky chilly breezes. This cover fits various car seats and will not interfere with child safety straps, and the two zippers on the front make it easy to open wide and close securely when needed. This cover also has a breathable flap that can be placed over your baby’s face to provide added protection from the elements, allowing for plenty of warmth and eliminating the need for dressing your child up in extra layers. Your little one will feel less constricted and enjoy a more pleasant car ride, and if you're not happy with your purchase you can receive a full refund from the seller, making this a risk-free purchase.


  • Dual zippers for easy opening and closure

  • Breathable flap over the face

  • Comes with a money-back guarantee


  • Somewhat lacking in insulation

ACRABROS Stretchy Baby Car Seat Cover: Also try

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This ACRABROS baby seat car cover is available in eight fun designs, with two zippers to allow for easy opening and secure closing. This blanket is not as insulated as others on the market, but this might make it better suited for fall and spring than some of the more heavy-duty car seat blankets on our list. It’s also wind-resistant, making it great for windy days. The blanket’s fabric has a four-way stretch, making it easy to place over your baby’s car seat. Its breathable material will make sure your baby won’t get too hot, and it can be folded into a carry pouch for easy storage when not in use. Consider using this product as a spring or fall car seat blanket and using a more insulated cover in the winter-- this way, you and your baby are set no matter the weather.


  • Multiple designs available

  • Stretchy, breathable fabric

  • Comes with a carry pouch


  • The cover occasionally comes loose at the bottom

Buying guide: Car seat blankets

Now that you’ve seen our favorite car seat blankets, check out our top tips on how to choose the right one for your needs, as well as what you should consider before buying.

The blanket needs to be the right size

Ensure the car seat blanket will fit around your baby’s car seat. Many car seat blankets claim to be compatible with all car seats, but to be certain of this you should check the dimensions of the product as well as your baby’s seat. Consider how the blanket attaches to the seat and make sure that it won’t block any car seat safety straps.

The blanket should feel soft on your baby’s skin

The car seat blanket is going to brush against your baby’s skin, especially if you purchase a blanket with a face covering. If the blanket feels uncomfortable, it will upset your baby and could cause chafing and irritated skin.

How much warmth should a car seat blanket provide?

A car seat blanket can be lightweight, breathable, and provide a bit of warmth, but it can also be thick, heavy, and suitable for a cold winter. Consider which season you’re purchasing the cover for, and make sure you use the right product for the right season. A cover that is too warm can be as unpleasant for your child as a cover that isn’t warm enough, depending on the season.

Water-resistant car seat blankets

It’s a good idea to choose a car seat blanket that’s made from water-resistant material. You’re going to need to take your baby and their seat out of the car and bring them into countless places, and keeping them dry in the process is important, especially in colder weather. Many car seat covers have a water-resistant layer, but some are only windproof.

How much coverage does the blanket provide?

The car seat blanket should cover your baby’s entire body. All baby car seat blankets have a gap so the face can be left uncovered, but some car seat blankets come with a flap that covers the face. If you’re looking for one of these blankets, make sure the material of the flap is soft and breathable.

Some flaps have a pocket that lets you fold them away when not in use. Look for a cover with a fastening feature on the face flap-- this might be magnetic or a clip button.

Easy to fasten and undo

When putting your baby in the car or taking them out, you probably don't have much time (or patience) to deal with difficult fastening devices. To avoid this inconvenience, look for a cover that’s easy to both open and securely close with one hand, as well as one that opens wide, letting you easily take your baby out without having to remove the entire cover.

The easiest to close car seat blankets often feature big, durable zipper closures, but the most accessible fastenings are clip buttons, as these can be pulled open with just one hand.

Pockets and hooks are useful

Some covers have added pockets, letting you store things you might need for your baby close by-- consider storing baby wipes or your little one’s favorite soft toy in here. Some car seat blankets also have pockets that let you fold the arms inside for easy storage.

Hooks allow you to store useful things on your baby’s cover, and you may want to hang a beloved toy, pacifier, or some sanitizer from one.

Useful storage features

Consider purchasing a car seat blanket that comes in a carry bag. This can be kept in your car or purse and taken out for use in case of unexpected rain or snow.

Car seat blanket material

Car seat blankets are mostly available in polyester, a durable and easy-to-care-for material. Polyester can be treated to become water-resistant, and can also form a heat-insulating layer. You can wash it in a washing machine and dry it in a tumble dryer. 

You could also purchase a baby car seat blanket made from mesh, and this will protect your child from bugs in the summer. Similarly, you could opt for a clear plastic cover that will keep them dry when you’re experiencing wet but warm weather.

Some other materials used for baby car seats include suede and leather, but your baby will soon outgrow their car seat, so you might as well stick to the less expensive, but still high-quality, polyester covers available.

Color and design

There are many car seat blanket colors and designs available. If you want a specific color, start your search there. You can also purchase blankets with stylish, cute patterns such as polka dots, stripes, floral designs, and animal prints. 

The front opening of the car seat blanket can also vary, with each one sporting a different look. Some blankets wrap over, while others use velcro, zippers, or clip buttons. With zippers, there may be either one or two zippers, creating three fabric panels instead of just two. 

People also asked

Q: How much should I spend on a baby car seat blanket?

A: Baby car seat blankets/covers usually cost between $15 and $50. When choosing the right baby car seat blanket, you should ensure that the product you’re interested in fits the criteria we’ve discussed. You should also read plenty of customer reviews to see what other buyers (and their babies) think of a particular car seat blanket.

If a baby car seat blanket matches everything you’re looking for then the price shouldn’t make too much of a difference, though some products may be expensive because of their brand name and not their quality.

Q: Are all car seat blankets safe?

A: You should look for several things to ensure that the cover you’re purchasing is safe. These include:

  • Check the cover meets fire safety standards

  • Ensure the car seat blanket goes over the child and the harness. It should not go between the child and the seat or the child and the harness

  • Face coverings should be light mesh or not used at all so your child can breathe easily

Q: Do car seat blankets protect babies from germs?

A: Car seat blankets create a barrier between your baby and people coughing and sneezing, and will also create a slight barrier between your baby and some allergens. This will only provide mild protection, though, and won’t exactly kill any germs. A plastic cover will provide the most protection and can be wiped down with antibacterial wipes when you’re traveling.

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