Keep kids busy with ‘animal tracks’ sensory play: ‘This is 100% the cutest’

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A mom came up with a creative sensory play activity for the kids

It’s always fun when you can tap into your children’s wild imaginations. TikTok mom Celena Kinsey showed how to make easy “animal tracks” for playtime with the kids. 

The “animal tracks” are basically DIY stamps you can wear on your feet. You can make anything from paws to hooves for this sensory project. 

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“Cut [a piece of] cardboard into strips,” she said. “Then take sponges and cut them to form animal tracks and hot-glue them to the cardboard.” 

Kinsey made giraffe tracks and lion paw prints out of green and pink sponges. Then she hot-glued them onto the cardboard. 

“Tape to your kiddo’s foot, then have them make animal tracks on easel paper,” the mom explained. “If they don’t like walking with it, they can just make stamps.” 

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She taped the cardboard onto her son’s socks. The little boy stomped his way down a long sheet of paper on the sidewalk. A form of sensory play, the activity can help kids learn and develop while having fun. 

“So cute! My daughter would have an absolute field day,” someone wrote

“This is so much fun! Adorable,” a user said

“This is 100% the cutest. I love those tracks,” another commented

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