Keeping up with the kitties: Here are Singapore’s community cats in one map

An infurmative website mapping out some of Singapore’s community cats to call upon better treatment toward them was recently launched.

Made by Redditor T-Rekt_Games who collated cat data from the public, the Cats of SG map pinpoints the location of 70 cats and counting throughout the city-state. Each pin reveals the cat’s name, the community it resides in, likes, dislikes and personality traits.

“I made this website to raise more empathy for community cats in SG. I thought it will be good for people to know more about some of the wonderful cats that live with us, as well as their different personalities,” the creator wrote last night on Reddit.

The exact locations of the furballs are not revealed to protect their safety and to not feed animal abusers. Most recently, a boy was caught throwing a cat off a block in Boon Lay last month.

“Through this website, we aim to document our community cats who call Singapore their home. In doing so, we hope to raise awareness and empathy for these cats, as well as promote greater discourse on their precarious position in Singapore’s urban spaces,” the website read.

According to T-Rekt_Games, there are more than 50000 stray cats who are taken care of by volunteer feeders in the respective neighborhoods.

How can you tell if the kitty is a community cat? Look out for a tipped left ear. This means that the cat has been sterilized as part of the Trap-Neuter-Return-Manage Program, an initiative to control stray animal populations.

You can submit missing community cats to the website here.

After this story was published, the creator told Coconuts that the website no longer displays the cats’ communities and now categorizes them into regions (North, North East, East, West, and Central). The backgrounds of the cat’s images have also been blurred to not give away their locations.

This came after concerned public members submitted feedback in fear that the kitties will be in danger of animal abusers even though their exact locations were not divulged.

Update: This story has been updated with new edits made to the website.

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