Keke Palmer Shares ‘Sad’ Pic of Her Met Gala Dinner Plate and Twitter Has Questions

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The Met Gala 2021 has been flooding our social media feeds with jaw-dropping images. From hot takes on celebrities’ fashion choices to memes inspired by the red carpet moments, the fashion event in New York has certainly received a global audience. However, nothing much is ever seen about what unfolds inside the fundraising event for the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York City. Except for this time, netizens did get to see the glimpse of food that is served in the ultra-high fashion event. Thanks to actress Keke Palmer, who posted a picture of her plate on her social media feeding netizens’ curiosity about what is served to the guests. And for sure they were left famished and disappointed.

It started when a user quote tweeted Keke’s post where she mentioned that she was sitting with actress and singer Hailee Steinfeld inside the Met museum. The user asked Keke, “Give us all the tea. What’s on the menu? Who is sniffing a little under the table?” Replying to this tweet Keke posted a picture of a rather bland looking dinner plate and wrote “the menu chile.” The dish served to Keke consisted of raw vegetables like cucumber, tomato, and corn.

According to Vogue, the plant-based dish was “creamy barley with corn, pickled turnips, and roasted maitake.” However, looking at the dish, not many netizens were impressed. Considering how Met Gala is touted as the gathering of the uber-rich, and elite class of people, many expected a gourmet-looking dish.

As actor Daniel Preda described his reaction in the comments, “not this rabbit food.” Another user, who was clearly not impressed with the menu commented, “I’d ask for my money back.”

Some users wondered if the menu was decided in such a way so that the guests could keep slim. “They really said ‘got to keep the morning

skinny till the end of the party,” read a post

Another comment read, “I thought this was the last of what’s left after you ate already but this is the full entree omg.”

What do you think of this menu?

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