Kelantan regent says state needs to rein in more investors

Sharifah Mahsinah Abdullah

KOTA BARU: The Regent of Kelantan Dr Tengku Muhammad Faiz Petra today urged the state government to take proactive measures to bring in investors to the state.

Tengku Muhammad Faiz said he himself was involved in efforts in collaboration with the International Trade and Industry Ministry to make Kelantan a prime destination for foreign investors, especially from United Arab Emirates (UAE) and Japan.

Speaking at the investiture ceremony held in conjunction with Sultan of Kelantan Sultan Muhammad V’s 48th birthday, the Regent said Kelantan’s economy had experienced a positive growth which should be capitalised on to improve the state economic well-being.

Gross domestic product (GDP) rate for Kelantan last year was recorded at 4.8 per cent compared to 3.5 per cent in 2015.

“There is a drastic increase in the state’s GDP last year compared to the previous year. Last year’s figure (4.8 per cent) had exceeded the national rate of 4.2 per cent. This has landed Kelantan to be the sixth among eight states in Malaysia, with their respective GDPs recorded beyond the expected national benchmark.

“Even I myself have been involved in state government’s investment missions to UAE and Tokyo, Japan, with the aim to have investors explore available opportunities in Kelantan.

“I hope the state government will provide the necessary facilities to rein in investors from the two countries, in order to spur a more positive growth for the state’s economy,” Tengku Muhammad Faiz said at Istana Balai Besar here today.

The Regent also thanked the state government for its cooperation with the Federal government in implementing the East Coast Rail Link (ECRL) project under the 11th Malaysia Plan (RMK- 11).

“I also would like to take this opportunity to urge the Federal government to speed up the Central Spine Road project in line with the current needs of the people in Kelantan.

“As for the third phase of the East Coast highway project, it should be included in a development agenda to enable a connection between the completed highway to Terengganu,” he said.

On environmental conservation, Tengku Muhammad Faiz lauded Kelantan forestry department’s execution of the “royal greenery project”, which involved planting of trees along riverbanks to mitigate erosion in flood-prone areas.

“I hoped such programmes can also be extended to urban areas to promote the creation green pockets in town settings.”

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