Kelly Clarkson Debuts a Fresh Set of Light-as-Air Bangs

And do we spy a blonder Miss Independent?

<p>Weiss Eubanks/NBCUniversal via Getty Images</p>

Weiss Eubanks/NBCUniversal via Getty Images

While some pop stars are ditching their signature hair color to usher in a new era (we're looking at you, Dua Lipa), Kelly Clarkson just showed off a new set of bangs and a lighter hair color as she continues her hit talk show, the aptly named Kelly Clarkson Show. According to Today, the original American Idol showed off her fresh bangs yesterday in a clip that featured comedian Leslie Jones.

Clarkson's new fringe came down far enough to graze her eyelashes and fanned out to frame her face. As for the color, the chart topper's signature brown and blonde mix appeared to be a few shades lighter and leaned closer to blonde than it had just last week. As for the rest of her cut, Kelly's hair reached past her collarbones and she wore her hair wavy both in the clip and in subsequent previews, including one with actor Ian Somerhalder.

Today notes that Clarkson was playing with her bangs during her interview with Jones and that she adjusted them multiple times as the two spoke. Clarkson also had a fringe back in 2012, when she was promoting her album Stronger — which featured the track "What Doesn't Kill You (Stronger)." In the music video for “Dark Side,” Clarkson's thick bangs featured alongside a dark brunette hair color.

<p>Weiss Eubanks/SYNDICATION via Getty Images</p>

Weiss Eubanks/SYNDICATION via Getty Images

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Throughout the 2010s, Clarkson experimented with bangs, as well. After she ditched her signature chunky highlights post-American Idol and "Breakaway," the singer went platinum blonde and had thick bangs in 2018. She also experimented with wispy, side-swept bangs

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