Kelly Osbourne offers fans hair turban tutorial

Kelly Osbourne with her hair in a turban. Instagram - @kellyosbourne

Kelly Osbourne has taken to social media to offer fans a tutorial on how she wraps her hair in a turban.

The TV personality is practicing social distancing and staying at home amid the coronavirus crisis.

But in a new Instagram post, Kelly admitted that she is beginning to miss her appointments with her hairdresser to get her signature lilac locks touched up, and has opted to begin wearing headwraps.

"In the big picture what we look like right now DOES NOT MATTER. However, it does make you feel better when you like what you see in the mirror. Seeing my roots makes me feel ugly so it got me thinking of simple ways I can make myself feel more glamorous," she explained.

Noting that she has been drawing inspiration from some of the late Elizabeth Taylor's iconic looks, Kelly then posted a how-to video with a step-by-step guide on how to tie a turban.

Firstly, she swept her hair back into a headband, then twisted a black and white piece of fabric around her head, before securing it with bobby pins.

Inviting fans to try the look, the 35-year-old wrote: "If you do decide to rock this look post pics with #TurbanTuesday. I will repost your beautiful faces on my story."

However, Kelly's two posts were met with derision from some commentators, who pointed out that for many, wrapping hair in a scarf is a point of religious affiliation, and that the tutorial was culturally insensitive.

Yet, the star was quick to respond to the criticism in the video's caption, and insisted: "To anyone that is going to come at me for this, women of all races have been wearing turbines (sic) for vanity reasons since the beginning of time. I mean no harm with this post. If you have anything negative to say please don't follow me."

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