Kelly Ripa and Mark Consuelos Mourn Their "Hot" Younger Selves With Relatable Night Routine

Make no mistake, they're still hot as ever.

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Eternally sexy couple Kelly Ripa and Mark Consuelos are pretty candid when it comes to sharing their personal lives on their morning show, Live With Kelly and Mark (much to their daughter Lola's dismay). Not to mention, the couple enjoys the frequent thirst trap on Instagram. But even this hot-to-trot duo has a bedtime routine that isn't so sexy — much like many of us common folk.

During Wednesday's episode of their talk show, the two lamented about how their nighttime routine has gotten increasingly less alluring as they've gotten older, thanks to retainers, thick face creams, and nose strips (for Consuelos's snoring).

"It’s great because the two of us, we come here to work and we’re like, ‘Oh, look at you, look at you.’ Because last night when we gave each other a kiss goodnight, I had my retainer in, and I had all my creams on — like, I’m slimy," Ripa joked. "When I go to bed, you can slip right off me. I had my creams on and I had my retainer in. And then he’s got his nasal magnets on."

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The couple, who has been married nearly 30 years, teased that things "looked hotter" when they were younger. Now, their bedtime regimen is very complicated and dedicated to preserving their beauty.

"We should do a taped piece of us just getting for bed," Ripa said "Because it is, and I don’t want to brag, pretty much the least sexy thing I’ve ever seen. I’m not kidding, we used to be like, fairly…"

"Hot?" Consuelos added.

"Not the sexiest people, but we were hot for each other and things looked hotter," Ripa continued, before comparing the situation to how she felt about her parents growing up: "I can't believe they had kids."

Ripa and Consuelos — who are undoubtedly one of Hollywood's hottest couples, no matter what they say — have three kids of their own: sons Michael and Joaquin and daughter Lola. When she isn't posting flirty photos of her husband, Ripa often shares glimpses of their family on social media. Earlier this month, Ripa celebrated International Women's Day with a sweet tribute to her daughter. "Celebrating my favorite international woman, Lola Consuelos 🤍," she captioned the post.

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