Kendal Jenner recalls chilling moment she came face to face with alleged stalker

Kendall Jenner will recount her scary run in with an alleged stalker in Sunday night’s episode of Keeping Up With The Kardashians.

Kendall Jenner has reportedly become the latest celebrity victim of burglars (Copyright: Instagram/KendallJenner)

In a teaser for the next segment of the hit E! show the brunette beauty recounts the chilling moment she came face to face with a superfan back in August and she was left terrified after he followed her onto her property in the Hollywood Hills.

Shavaughn McKenzie confronted the reality TV star on two other occasions at her old Westwood condo. McKenzie was arrested at the scene and later accused of “tracking” the model over 15-months.

Kendall apparently paid around $6.5million for the swanky six-bedroom pad in Los Angeles, two months prior to the frightening encounter but following the incident, she had state of the art security systems installed and hired extra bodyguards and security staff to sit outside her house.

Kendall revisits her ordeal in a conversation with her momager Kris Jenner and brother-in-law Scott Disick, and says: “I had someone break into my house, I used to be the one who was so independant, I was always by myself in a good way, but now it’s fully flipped.

Describing him as looking like a homeless man, the star said he approached her car and was “banging at my window screaming at me.”

In October, a California judge ruled McKenzie was not guilty on the charge of misdemeanor stalking, but the jury did find him guilty for trespassing.

(Photo: AP Photo/Bebeto Matthews)

Meanwhile, earlier this month the 21-year-old star became the latest celebrity burglary victim after $200,000 (£162,000) worth of jewellery was stolen from her home in the Hollywood Hills.

The culprits allegedly broke into her residence some time in the afternoon and got away with an eye-watering amount of her bling.

The new KUWTK episode is will air on March 26 on on E!

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