Kendall Jenner’s overlined lips are giving filler illusion

The Kardashian-Jenner clan are known for many big things. Big businesses, big derrières (duh!) and, ahem, accentuated lips. I mean, it wasn't so long ago that Kylie Jenner made waves – and headlines – with the 'did she, did she not' lip filler debacle. But today, it's not King Ky's pout that we cannot stop staring at but instead, it's her older sister, Kendall Jenner. Kisses!

Announcing yesterday via her very own Instagram page that she is now a member of the '30 Under 30' crowd, Kendall posted the new cover issue of Forbes magazine. The 2024 category in which the recently turned 28-year-old model won was described as "ART & STYLE: Creating and designing the future of fashion and the arts."

Now, as coveted as this award is, here on the Cosmo Beauty Team, it was actually her makeup look that piqued our interest – specifically, her extremely overlined lips. See all that we're in awe of, below:

Per the tag on Kendall's post, it is to our knowledge that the star's go-to MUA, Mary Phillips was the genius behind this nude flush yet still very glam makeup look.

Seeing as this is a close-up headshot, we're able to see the meticulous artistry behind Mary's overlining technique; she has slightly exaggerated the top lip while still keeping a distinct and pointed cupid's bow. The lower lip line, however, is teetering on the more subtle side of the overlined lips scale with Mary having expanded the borders out ever so slightly.

But if my haphazard description doesn't quite flesh out a routine for you to recreate, Mary previously shared a step-by-step tutorial on how to get the look. So, get your pen and paper at the ready to take note!

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