Keningau mudslide: 2 bodies spotted far from accident site


KINABATANGAN: Rescuers searching for seven children missing after a mudslide swept away their home in Keningau are heading to Kampung Masaum and Mangkawagu following reports that two bodies have been spotted there.

According to a Fire and Rescue spokesperson, the journey to the locations will take about two hours by boat.

“However, we have yet to confirm that bodies were found,” she said in a statement.

Meanwhile, work at the main search and rescue (SAR) site, where the remains of the house were discovered amidst piles of logs and deep mud, continues.

In the incident on Friday, a family of 11 was swept into Sungai Lobou after a mudslide slammed into their home at an oil palm estate.

Their house, which was a worker’s quarters, was found buried in one metre-deep mud.

Four of the family survived, while seven children, aged between 8 and 17, have yet to be located.

The SAR involves 68 personnel, eight four-wheel drive vehicles and six boats.