Kenneth Ma goes MIA after girlfriend's cheating scandal

17 Apr – Amid the cheating scandal between Andy Hui and Jacqueline Wong, the actress' boyfriend and fellow TVB star Kenneth Ma is nowhere to be found.

As reported on Mingpao, the actor, who was scheduled to shoot a night scene for his new drama, "The Exorcist's Meter 2.0", did not appear in TVB City - sparking speculations that the producer is keeping him away from the media.

On the other hand, tabloids have also approached Kenneth's mother for her response regarding the viral video of Jacqueline and Andy being intimate in the passenger's seat of a vehicle.

Mrs. Ma was apparently clueless about the whole scandal, asking the media if they were talking about the same Andy Hui who is married to pop star Sammi Cheng.

When showed the video, she responded, "Were they filming? The entertainment circle can be quite annoying."

Asked if she has met Jacqueline, Mrs. Ma admitted that she has had meals with her three to four times.

She also refused to comment on the scandal, saying that she is unsure about its authenticity.

On the other hand, the Wong family has declined to address the issue.

(Photo Source: Drama Asian)