Kenneth Ma on Sammi Cheng forgiving Andy Hui: I'm glad!

22 Apr – TVB actor Kenneth Ma admitted that he is relieved that Sammi Cheng has decided to forgive husband Andy Hui for cheating on her with actress Jacqueline Wong.

As reported on Mingpao, the actor, who was asked about Sammi's recent social media post upon his arrival in TVB City to shoot his drama recently, stated that he is glad with the turn of events.

"Like I said before, [Sammi] is the only person qualified to speak about this matter. I hope it will quell all things," he said.

On the other hand, when mentioned that he has received a lot of praise for his way of handling the news of his girlfriend's cheating ways, Kenneth smiled and said, "I just want things to calm down."

However, Kenneth is still keeping mum when it comes to his own relationship status with Jacqueline.

It was early last week that singer Andy Hui made headlines after he was seen locking lips with TVB actress Jacqueline Wong in a dash cam footage that has now gone viral. Both parties had since apologised for the affair, with the singer's wife and Hong Kong star Sammi Cheng deciding to forgive him a few days later.

(Photo Source: Sina)