Kenny Bee apologises to beaten journalist for incident

19 Aug – Hong Kong singer Kenny Bee recently took to social media to apologise to Chinese reporter Fu Guohao over the recent incident involving Hong Kong protesters.

As reported on Mingpao, the singer took to Weibo to express his sadness over the issue, writing, "I'm so sorry, Fu Guohao. Those thugs do not represent Hong Kong. You are the best."

"I, like many Hong Kong people, am grateful to you. We thank you and we love you. I wish you a speedy recovery," he added.

On 13 August, 28-year-old Global Times journalist Fu Guohao was revealed to have been beaten by a mob at the Hong Kong International Airport while he was on location to report on the mass protest.

In a video message to the people in Hong Kong, Fu stated that he still loves the city and hopes that his experience will not cause further conflict between Hong Kong and mainland China.

(Photo Source: Kenny Bee Instagram)