Kent Tong: TVB now is different from the old days

Kent Tong: TVB now is different from the old days

4 Nov - Making his return to TVB with the new series, "Lord of Shanghai", '80s top star Kent Tong confessed that the atmosphere is different than what it used to be.

In an interview with Mingpao recently, Kent, who was known as one of the Five Tiger Generals of TVB back in the '80s, stated that he felt like a newcomer himself when he first returned.

"It was a little uncomfortable at first since a lot has changed. The company works more like an assembly line now," said Kent.

The actor stated that back in the days, TVB was like a family, where all the actors are friends and that they would spend time chatting even after a day of filming.

"Since we came from the same training academy, we're all friends. We're like a big family. But now it's the opposite. Some came from the training academy, some from the pageant, and different groups are gathered together. So we call it a day after each and every session," said Kent.

However, the actor said that he has now learned to go with the flow, and adapt himself to the trend.

As to why he decided to make his comeback through "Lord of Shanghai", the actor said, "I was drawn to every aspect of the project, from the production team, the script, and the actors."

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