"Kepong" to see HK & Taiwan release

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"Kepong" to see HK & Taiwan release

9 Jul – Fans may be excited to know that more of our local stars may see international fame as debutant director Teng Bee is currently said to be in talks with distributors from Hong Kong and Taiwan about releasing his feature film debut "Kepong Gangster" in both regions, according to Sin-Chew i.

It was after presenting his one-and-a-half-minute teaser clip of "Kepong Gangster" at the 15th Shanghai International Film Festival recently that Bee felt that he should expand the target audiences for his social crime film.

"Now I'm in discussions with parties from Hong Kong and Taiwan, hopefully "Kepong Gangster" will be able to see release in both places," said Bee.

He is very confident that "Kepong Gangster", which stars a bunch of local talents including Melvin Sia, Henley Hii, Hero Tai, Rayz Lim and newcomer Tracy, would do well. The cast play a group of youngsters who end up joining local gangs due to various reasons like protecting themselves from bullies and financial problems, but ultimately have to deal with the negative repercussions.

"In Hong Kong, they had the "Young And Dangerous" series. In 2010, people were watching "Monga" from Taiwan. I felt that we should also have our own gangster movie. "Kepong Gangster" talks about the brotherhood among gangster members and I hope it can become a source of education for audiences on life matters," added Bee.

Local model-actress Tracy was afraid that her performance would ruin the movie.

"I was very worried with my performance. There're many crying scenes in the movie. I remember the crew said that the shooting would be done once tears coming out from my eyes and that pressured me," said Tracy.

"Kepong Gangster" will be released in Malaysia's cinemas on 6 September this year.