Kesha's literal floor seats, the Trump dis you never heard, and other missed 2017 VMAs moments

As usual, last night’s 2017 MTV VMAs brought some memorable moments. Fifth Harmony dissed ex-band member Camila Cabello by having a fifth band member “fall” offstage. And Kendrick Lamar literally set people on fire during his performance. But the camera didn’t catch everything. Here are four moments you missed.

1. Kesha had to sit on the floor during the awards show. You’d think that a presenter would have a seat, right? Well, that’s not what happened with Kesha. The singer took to social media to reveal that the “VMAs lost [her] seat.”

2. Another thing you may have missed is that the Weeknd was a no-show. The 27-year-old was nominated for four awards and was slated to perform; however, he never made an appearance.  His girlfriend, Selena Gomez, wasn’t in attendance either.

3. Once onscreen brothers Drake Bell and Josh Peck made up. The former Nickelodeon stars have been feuding since Josh didn’t invite Drake to his wedding, but they clearly made amends last night and shared a hug between them on social media.

4. Another thing that was noticeably absent from the VMA telecast was any mention of President Trump’s name. But according to EW, that reportedly wasn’t the case during the commercial breaks. While the audience at home was watching commercials, those inside the VMA arena, were treated to various anti-Trump songs, including YG and Nipsey Hussle’s “FDT (F*** Donald Trump).”

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