Kevin Durant and Russell Westbrook are speaking again, Kendrick Perkins says

Russell Westbrook and Kevin Durant exchange pleasantries. (AP)

Apparently, Russell Westbrook and Kevin Durant are talking again. Kendrick Perkins, a teammate of both players with the Oklahoma City Thunder from 2011 to 2015, nonchalantly mentioned that the two superstars were back on speaking terms during Kevin Garnett’s “Area 21” TNT show on Monday night.

“I was trying to figure out a way to make them talk again ‘cuz I felt like the outside world was putting a beef that wasn’t really too serious,” Perkins said on the 2008 Celtics reunion segment of Garnett’s show. “I think the night that Russ (Westbrook) actually broke the (triple doubles in a season) record, I had texted KD the next day … he sent me a text and was like, ‘Hey, man, Russ and I had a nice conversation the other day.”

Perkins continued: “I just want to let it be known that they’re back on talking terms. You know, the differences aside. I wouldn’t be surprised if KD made a little run, I wouldn’t be surprised if he went back to Oklahoma. Because in my opinion, I don’t think Russ is going nowhere.”

The feud between Durant and Westbrook dates back to when Durant decided to leave Oklahoma City for the Golden State Warriors on July 4. According to reports, their last communication came when Durant texted Westbrook that he had decided to leave OKC. Both players have said that their dispute has been blown out of proportion by media coverage, but tensions were high during their three meetings this regular season.

When their paths first crossed in November, Westbrook rocked an outfit that may or may not have been mocking Durant’s photography hobby and the game was filled with trash talk. When Durant played his first game back in Oklahoma City in February, the crowd booed him with conviction. Still, the Warriors blew out the Thunder in all four meetings.

During All Star Weekend in New Orleans, the former teammates reunited on the West squad and Durant threw up an alley-oop for Westbrook to slam down. Still, the two weren’t chatty.

According to Perkins, all that is now behind them. It is unclear if the conversation that Perkins is talking about was a one-time occurrence or if the two players talk regularly. Neither Durant nor Westbrook have made public mention of their conversation.

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