KFC’s Chizza is already breaking hearts in Singapore

Chizza illustration from KFC’s Facebook page (left), actual product bought from a KFC outlet (right)
Chizza illustration from KFC’s Facebook page (left), actual product bought from a KFC outlet (right)

People in Singapore woke up on Thursday (9 Feb) to another episode of “expectations versus reality”, this time involving the recently released Chizza.

Made available on Wednesday at KFC outlets, the heart-shaped pizza/chicken hybrid drew a lot hype on social media, with many Facebook users indicating their eagerness to try the new product.

However, as the day went on, pictures of Chizzas posted online clearly showed that the product image was a lot nicer than what people actually received. This, combined with reportedly long wait times, led to some expressing their disappointment on KFC Singapore’s Facebook post.

“First my colleague and I queued 20 minutes for this and when it was my turn apparently the Chizza were sold out and I had to wait another 20 minutes! No thank you? I don’t wish to wait 40 minutes for a FAST food meal,” said Facebook user Jason Tung.

“Take that image of the Chizza , stomp on it, throw it against the wall, drag it through mud, that’s what’s in the box,” said another, Thierry Jong.

(Photo: KFC Singapore Facebook page)
(Photo: KFC Singapore Facebook page)

One lady whom Yahoo Lifestyle Singapore spoke to said that she had to wait almost 45 minutes for her Chizza at the KFC outlet at Nex, even without a special order.

There were even comparisons of the Chizza available in Singapore, and another of the product reportedly from Japan. Spoiler, the Japanese version looks a lot nicer.

To be fair, a line on KFC Singapore’s Chizza page does state, “Visuals are for illustration only.” And this writer did feel the Chizza tasted better than it looked.

The Chizza, which KFC says is “all chicken, no crust”, was first launched in the Philippines in 2015.