Kharkiv kindergarten employee arrested for guiding Russian attacks

SBU detained kindergarten worker who corrected Russian attacks on the city in Kharkiv
SBU detained kindergarten worker who corrected Russian attacks on the city in Kharkiv

The Security Service of Ukraine (SBU) has apprehended a kindergarten employee in Kharkiv on charges of assisting Russian forces in targeting the city with missile and drone strikes, SBU reported on April 1.

If convicted, she faces the severe penalty of life imprisonment.

Officials disclosed that the woman was allegedly enlisted by Russian operatives in autumn 2023, with the aid of an acquaintance from Kupiansk, a city occupant who defected to Russia and aligned with enemy forces during its occupation.

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The SBU asserts that, outside her regular duties, the accused provided substantial assistance to the Russians. She is accused of scouting locations for the deployment of Ukrainian armed forces within the city. The suspect reportedly received coordinates of interest from her Russian contacts, then conducted her own surveillance to assess the presence of military personnel and equipment. Her findings were then relayed back to her contacts in Russia, complete with precise coordinates on Google maps, which allegedly informed the planning of aerial assaults on Kharkiv.

SBU officers detained suspect in her apartment. During searches of her home, law enforcement officers seized a phone she used to communicate with her Russian handler.

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Kharkiv police notified her of suspicion of high treason and took her into custody. She faces life imprisonment with confiscation of property.

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