Kia previews Optima's new look for 2021 model year

Kia has published images of the 2021 Optima's exterior

Kia has published official pictures of 2021 Optima's updated design with its "Tiger Nose" front end just a few weeks after the brand's parent company Hyundai shared design renderings of the model.

Kia has completely refreshed the Optima fastback sedan (known as the K5 in Korea) with a new look characterized by a more aggressive stance, a new daytime running light signature and a "Tiger Nose Evolution" design.

The 'Tiger Nose' feature is what the company calls the appearance of the front end. The wide design integrates the Optima's grille -- whose look was inspired by shark skin -- and front headlights which feature the same "distinctive ‘heartbeat' daytime running lights" portrayed in the model renderings.

From the hood to the rear, a series of clean lines (sometimes accented by chrome details) give the model a sporty aesthetic while the horizontal lines spanning from side to side on the front and the rear give the impression of a wide on-road presence. In fact, these lines work to accentuate a model that has actually been widened and lengthened by 50mm and 25mm, accordingly.

Four wheel sizes will be available ranging from 19-inch to 16-inch.

As for the interior, only the design renderings offer insight as to what it may look like.

The 2021 Kia Optima will go on sale in Korea next month with global markets to follow. It will not be sold in the UK or in Europe. Pricing is expected to be revealed closer to the release date.