Kids can grow their own native wildflower garden with these DIY seed bombs

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This creative, kid-friendly, and easy craft involves making DIY seed bombs using dirt, seeds, and scraps of paper, which kids can plant and tend to, and it’s a great way to introduce them to the environmental benefits of gardening on a small scale.

Art’s Nursery is a family-owned nursery based in Canada whose TikTok account features clips of gardening tips and tutorials, in addition to the general dirt on all things horticulture. Recently, the plant utopia shared a video featuring a technique for making DIY seed bombs out of paper, dirt, and seeds that kids can plant on a rainy day to grow their own garden.

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“Let’s make some seed bombs,” cheers TikToker and horticulturalist, Laurelle (@the.plant.momma) while playfully tossing a cluster of blue-green balls towards the camera in the opening of the clip.

“You can toss these seed bombs somewhere that you think needs some flowers on a rainy day,” Laurelle explains, before taking viewers through each step, shot by shot.

Laurelle begins by tearing up pieces of blue and green paper and separating them into 2 bowls. Next, Laurelle covers the scraps of paper with water and lets them sit for approximately 15-20 minutes before adding them to a blender. Once the consistency becomes pulpy, she pours it into a bowl.

Laurelle then forms the seed bombs by adding a clump of the pulp on top of a piece of cheesecloth sealed over a glass with a rubber band, before using her index fingers to mold it into a small bowl.

Subsequently, she places a teaspoon of soil in the bowl’s center, followed by a pinch of wildflower seeds and another blob of pulp.

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After removing the elastic, Laurelle wraps the cheesecloth over the budding seed bomb to form a ball, before squeezing out any excess water.

After setting them aside to dry for a day, the seed bombs are ready to take root!

Nature-lovers and gardening enthusiasts took to the comments to spread the love for this eco-friendly DIY.

“That’s so awesome! Throw [them] around the local beekeeper’s place,” one viewer suggested.

“This is a wonderful class project [for] introducing spring. Thank you, this is [so] lovely and kind,” complimented one educator.

“Make sure you’re using wildflowers and not INVASIVE SPECIES PLEASE!! Plant responsibly,” one TikToker advised.

To this, Art’s Nursery replied, “Absolutely!! You can check your local invasive species info.”

Whether making seed bombs, propagating vines, or planting flowers, gardening with your kids is a great way to spend time together while teaching them about nature and caring for the environment.

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