Kim Bin-woo admits secret relationship

Syahida Kamarudin
Kim Bin-woo admits secret relationship

12 Aug – Actress Kim Bin-woo is revealed to be in a relationship with fellow actor Kim Hyeong-min, according to K-popexpress website. The two stars have been spotted in bowling alleys and baseball games recently, bringing out suspicion that they might be in a relationship.

On 10 August, their managements officially stated, "The two met through a drama last year and their friendship has developed into a relationship".

Kim Bin-woo and Kim Hyeong-min met through a drama called "Even Mom is Pretty" last year and started seeing each other subsequently.

29-year-old Kim Bin-woo made her debut through a 2001 supermodel contest and has been in a string of drama roles. Kim Hyeong-min, 28, recently took on the role as Kim Deok-soo in the drama "I Need Romance".