Kim Chiu has "no other guy" except Xian Lim

Heidi Hsia
·1-min read

9 Jun – It looks like Kim Chiu has made up her mind when it comes to her love life, telling "Love Thy Chika" host Ruffa Gutierrez that Xian Lim is the only special person in her life.

As reported on ABS-CBN, the actress who spoke in an interview with the said TV personality about her relationship with her onscreen and off-screen partner recently, stated that there is no other man that she loves other than Lim.

"I have no other guy right now besides you, Xi. We really have mutual respect. I respect whatever decision he makes, and he respects mine," she said.

As to whether she has felt any sort of jealousy over Lim's close relationship with other women, Chu stated that the actor is an introvert and doesn't socialise that much, which is why there is no reason for her to have such feelings.

"We do not miss a day without [talking to each other]. He would just suddenly call and say things like, "I can't sleep, because of you"," she added.

On the topic of the pandemic, the couple stated that they haven't seen each other since last month, and that they really miss each other. However, Chiu said that the two of them often communicate with each other on the phone via video calls.

(Photo Source: Kim Chiu Instagram)