Kim Kardashian is making fans pay for selfies now

Kim Kardashian is over in Dubai, where she’s running a beauty masterclass. The event is her first public appearance since the now infamous Paris robbery three months ago.

Kim Kardashian showed off in a busty shoulderless top on a shopping trip in Miami Beach. (Photo: Splash)

Kimmy has been sharing snaps of her trip on Snapchat, following a hiatus from social media, and it looks like she’s having a ball in the opulent emirate.

(c) Snapchat

Not sure her fans are having such a great time as reports are suggesting that Kimmy is charging £445 for a selfie. Does she not understand it’s January and we are all POOR?

And if that wasn’t enough, tickets for the event were going at a hefty £1300 – according to

It’s not all bad though as apparently the guests at the class, which Kim is running with make-up maestro Mario Dedivanovic, get to go home with a £2000 goody bag.

(c) Snapchat

The event, which takes place today (Friday 13th January), replaces one which Kim cancelled in the aftermath of her savage robbery.