Kim Kardashian's Birthday Theme: Stop Being Poor!

Olivia Ovenden
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Photo credit: @kimkardashian
Photo credit: @kimkardashian

From Esquire

As we approach the final furlong of 2020, we've got some late entrants trying to claim the title of most shockingly tone deaf celebrity. We are, of course, talking about Kim Kardashian's extravagant 40th birthday, of which she shared images yesterday, and which have appeared in our feeds like a FaceTuned bettering of Lord of the Flies. With a caption that included the words 'normal' and 'private island' in the same sentence, keeping up with the Kardashians has never felt more like watching oligarchs pose with furs and rounds of ammo.

Clearly hopeful that the confusing disclaimer that the 'surprise' trip had come after quarantining and medical checks, the series of images showed various glittery Kardashians posing on the sand and seated at an elegant meal.

The one thing she might have thought to remove? The photo which shows the only person wearing a mask is a man cooking for them in the background of their opulent party.

Just like the couple who were stranded on the white sands of the Maldives, surrounded by staff who were now also stuck there to wait on them, the pandemic has cemented the ways in so many service industry workers have been made to feel so grateful to still have their jobs that they have become masked footmen for the wealthy. This has always been the case, but the visual of someone made to wear a dehumanising mask while making food for a group of people without them, a group so worried about a virus that has killed more than 1.1 million people that they've thrown a 40 (50? who knows) person party, is a new low.

It isn't solely the mega rich, either. Just going to a restaurant is enough to make you uncomfortable, as the people serving you wander from table to table with their faces covered, while the guests swill wine and breathe all over each other.

In response to Kim's photos, an old image of Paris Hilton began to do the rounds. In the (Photoshopped, but also true in spirit) picture, Hilton is wearing a t-shirt with a slogan which sums up Kim and her cohorts private island party theme: STOP BEING POOR!

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