Kim Tae-hee faces protests by Japanese

Kim Tae-hee faces protests by Japanese

18 Oct – An anti-Kim Tae-hee movement is currently taking place in Japan, and it does not look to be diminishing anytime soon. The protest took place on the streets for an hour, with around 550 people, and around Japan records state that over 20,000 took the streets, according to Soompi.

Kim Tae-hee was cast as the main character in "99 Days with a Star" which will be broadcasted on 23 October this year, with her playing the role of a Korean superstar who falls for an average Japanese salaryman, and there are not too many Japanese people who are happy with it.

Japanese netizens argued online about the controversial theme regarding the island of Dokdo belonging to Japan that the drama builds upon, which in turn, leads to the inclusion of Kim Tae-hee in their dissent, and finally, they took the protests to the streets.

This dissent originated in 2005, when Kim Tae-hee and her brother appeared in Switzerland wearing a T-shirt stating that the island Dokdo, (or known in Japan as Takeshima) is owned by Korea. She was also seen giving out CDs explaining this.

It stands to reason why the Japanese protesters are against Japanese company allowing an anti-Japan actress to appear on television.

"Kim Tae-hee, explain your anti-Japanese remarks, (you) who does not like Japan, do not try to make money here. We will remember the Japanese company that supports the anti-Japan actress Kim Tae-hee."

Earlier on 9 October, Kim Tae-hee made a statement regarding the anti-Japan accusations made about her. The actress explained, "I have visited Japan nearly 30 times, I like reading Japanese novels and watching Japanese movies. Through this drama I wish to take on a middle-role between the cultures of Korea and Japan."