Kind MyCar driver helps UiTM student who lost money, both rewarded RM500 for Malaysian unity

Melanie Chalil
Compassionate driver Yew Ah Tat gave law student Ninie Kamarudinn a free ride and even bought her food after she lost RM50. — Picture from Twitter/@niniekamarudinn

PETALING JAYA, Sept 18 — The experience of losing money can stress out even the calmest of individuals especially when one is cash strapped.

When Universiti Teknologi MARA (UiTM) student Ninie Kamarudinn accidentally dropped RM50 while running errands at a supermarket, help showed up in the form of a kind-hearted MyCar driver who drove her home for free.

The viral story has now caught the attention of the homegrown e-hailing ride service who announced on its Facebook it will reward driver Yew Ah Tat and Ninie for embodying the spirit of Malaysian unity in conjunction with Malaysia Day.

“The concerned attitude of a Chinese MyCar driver Yew Ah Tat who graciously helped this student proves that unity among the races still exists in Malaysia,” the post read.

In a Facebook statement posted on Monday, MyCar said it would give RM500 to Yew and will not deduct any commissions for three months.

As a gesture of sympathy towards Ninie’s student budget, MyCar will also offer the law student an RM500 cash assistance.

The e-hailing company concluded its post with an inspiring message for all Malaysians: “Helping each other is a noble practice.”

When contacted by Malay portal mStar, the student said she was grateful for the reward given to Yew because of his genuine act of kindness.

“I’m grateful that his kindness was repaid without being asked because he deserved.

This story has opened many eyes, making them realise that you don’t lose anything when you do good.

“God is everywhere. By doing good, others will do the same. I hope to see that uncle again,” said the 19-year-old, using the Malaysian salutation for an older man.

Ninie added she will use the money she received wisely and plans to help her university friends who are in need.

Last week, the student took to social media to share her encounter with Yew via several tweets.


When Ninie got into Yew’s car, he asked why her face was red and if she was tired.

Although she smiled in response, the MyCar driver sensed something was amiss.

She then burst into tears and told him everything that happened.


“It’s okay, don’t cry, this ride is on me, just promise you will study hard,” he told her.

“I understand, I’ll help you today, next time someone else will help me when I’m in need.”

On top of providing Ninie with a free ride, Yew also stopped by an eatery to pack food for the upset student, making sure she has a meal when she reached home.

“I could see his effort to make me calm because when I was crying, he would ask me questions to distract me from the problem,” recalled Ninie.