King Charles coronation: When will he be crowned and will there be a bank holiday?

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King Charles III follows the coffin of Queen Elizabeth II during the Ceremonial Procession for the State Funeral of Queen Elizabeth II, held at Westminster Abbey, London. Picture date: Monday September 19, 2022.
King Charles III is likely to have his coronation some time next year. (PA)

The Queen's state funeral is over, and attention will slowly but inevitably turn to the new monarch.

Charles III is the new king, but what is a king without a coronation?

Everyone wants to know when Charles will have his own coronation ceremony, and whether it will be as lavish as the one given to his late mother in 1953.

When is King Charles III's coronation?

A date has yet to be fixed for the coronation, but it is expected that there will be at least several months between the Queen's funeral and his own crowning.

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The large amount of planning involved, and royal tradition, dictates that it could be sometime next year.

It is likely to be some time in spring or summer 2023, with some royal watchers suggesting it could take place on 2 June, which would be exactly 70 years since the Queen's coronation. That date is on a Friday.

Will there be a bank holiday?

King Charles III and members of the royal family follow behind the coffin of Queen Elizabeth II, draped in the Royal Standard with the Imperial State Crown and the Sovereign's orb and sceptre, as it is carried out of Westminster Abbey after her State Funeral. Picture date: Monday September 19, 2022. See PA story FUNERAL Queen. Photo credit should read: Danny Lawson/PA Wire
King Charles III follows the Queen's coffin as it is carried out of Westminster Abbey after her state funeral on Monday. (PA)

Although nothing official has been confirmed, it is highly likely that the coronation will be a bank holiday, just like the Queen's state funeral.

Large royal events, such as the Queen's Platinum Jubilee earlier this year, are usually declared bank holidays.

What has the government said?

As of Tuesday, Downing Street had not confirmed a date.

Asked when the ceremony might happen and whether the government has a say on timing, a No 10 spokesperson said: “I’m not aware of that.

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“Obviously, there will be work that will take place in preparation for that in conjunction with the palace.”

Culture secretary Michelle Donelan told LBC radio on Tuesday: “We need to look at the plans on this and obviously the Palace and the King will have a great deal of input into this."

What about previous coronations?

The late Queen's coronation took place almost 16 months after she ascended to the throne upon the death of her father, George VI. He died on 6 February, 1952, and her coronation happened on 2 June, 1953.

George VI's own coronation took place a relatively short five months after he became king (the date was already set for Edward VIII before he abdicated), but the five preceding monarchs all had to wait at least a year before their ceremony.

What will happen at the coronation?

At the age of 73, Charles is the oldest person in British history to become king.

He will be coronated, like his mother, at Westminster Abbey in London, in a ceremony carried out by the Archbishop of Canterbury.

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King Charles III and the Queen Consort look on as the State Gun Carriage carrying the coffin of Queen Elizabeth II arrives at Wellington Arch during the Ceremonial Procession following her State Funeral at Westminster Abbey, London.
King Charles III and the Queen Consort will be crowned at the same time at his coronation. (PA)

Taking the coronation oath, he will promise to rule according to law, to exercise justice with mercy and to maintain the Church of England. However, it is thought Charles will wish to make the ceremony more inclusive of other faiths.

Charles will receive the orb and sceptres, before the Archbishop places the crown on the King's head.

Does Charles's coronation have a codename?

Yes, it is known as Operation Golden Orb, and plans for the event have been discussed for many years.

What about Camilla?

The Royal Family's website says the Queen Consort - the title given to Charles's wife Camilla by the Queen before she died - is crowned with the King "in a similar but simpler ceremony".

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