Kit Siang demonises himself, should just retire: Rahman Dahlan


KUALA LUMPUR: Veteran DAP leader Lim Kit Siang should consider retirement after failing to topple Barisan Nasional at the general election after 13 attempts, BN Strategic Communications director Datuk Seri Abdul Rahman Dahlan said today.

He said the DAP advisor should feel shameful towards his party members and make way for another leader such as Dr Tan Seng Giaw.

“Tan is known as a gentleman politician and a man with principles unlike Kit Siang.

“Tan is more popular and it's a shame that he was killed politically at the (DAP) Central Executive Committee party election in 2012 said to be by unfair means.

“Anyway, we all know the fact that no dictator in the world would retire willingly and I don't expect Kit Siang to be any different.

"They will think of all sorts of excuses to justify to their party why they should not retire despite failing 13 times,” he said in a statement today.

Rahman said Lim’s own actions have demonised himself and therefore he should not blame others.

“The whole world now knows about the real story of DAP party election and how Tan have become a victim despite him being the most popular, most rational and most multi-racially accepted DAP leader,” he added.

Rahman was commenting on Lim's remark yesterday, accusing several local media organisations of being in cahoots with the BN-led government to "demonise" him.

Lim had claimed that there was a high-powered and well-orchestrated campaign to cause a rift in Pakatan Harapan by demonising the DAP and him.

The Gelang Patah MP said the campaign was designed to break his spirit and force his retirement from politics.