Kit Siang rejects ex-IGP’s SB report as fictitious

Justin Ong
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    As I See It
    Suddenly this ex-IGP Haniff came out of the blue to make a wild accusation of DAP trying to split the country and can even got hold of a said Special Branch report. Isn't it so suspicious that remnants of the BN/umno are still lurking in the present PH government even in the SB?.
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    latest response yesterday, Hanif claimed his allegation was derived from a SB report he received -------- well, later, he can produce his evidence in court.
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    Quote:"“It would appear that the Special Branch knew more about the DAP than the DAP itself!” Lim said in a statement." Unquote, SB is playing politics, full stop. If SB had the evidence, LKS would be hauled up and jailed a long time ago. Ex-IGP must apologise to DAP or actions must be taken against him. Sad to know an ex-IGP is playing politics.
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    Actually I am surprised that Hanif said that. Those who are familiar with PDRM will know that Hanif is widely respected both inside and outside the police. I also had some dealings with him. All were shocked to read what he had accused Lim of. This of course cannot be true. If LKS had said anything close to what Hanif claimed, this would have become a hot and permanent accusations against LKS at every GE. Something must have causes Hanif to utter those words.. either caused by his own senility or under the direction of someone..
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    Hanif Omar should be charged for sedition and slander. Why does lying come so easily for some people ? Isn't it obvious that this man has teamed up with people who want to cause chaos in the country ?
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    Malay politics always has the sandiwara element.
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    hanif is desperate man n has resorted to lying. investigate him for corruption.
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    I hope an example is set for making false news or fake news. Rare to see an ex-IGP in jail for breaking the law in Malaysia. Corruption money can make cows live in condos and religions twisted to serve and support corrupted people and parties.
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    yes sue him and dont let him go.
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    Michael Kumar
    SinceNajib say he has the the document or documents to proof, then it is only right for Him to Sue WSJ, to prove his innocence once and for all. When Five Nation took action against 1MDB , why did Najib kept silent ?