'Poor, defenceless' kitten dies on road after being thrown from car window

Watch: (Warning graphic content) Kitten dies on road after being thrown from car window

A “poor defenceless" kitten died on a stretch of road with a broken leg after being hurled from a car window in Bradford.

In a shocking video, the 10-week-old cat can be seen taking a few steps before collapsing in the middle of the tarmac on Summerfield Road last month.

The animal was flung from a dark blue Seat Leon Cupra, which initially drove away but then circled back to look at the dying kitten.

The RSPCA is now trying to find those responsible and hopes the CCTV will prompt people to come forward with information about the incident.

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CCTV showing a Seat Leon Cupra where the kitten was thrown from. (swns/rspca)
CCTV showing a Seat Leon Cupra where the kitten was thrown from. (swns/rspca)

RSPCA inspector Rebecca Goulding said: “This video is so sickening - the poor defenceless kitten is thrown from the car and takes a few steps before dying in the road probably from shock.

“It was a horrendous attack, and I am keen to find the person who did this.

“The car seems quite distinctive - we think it is possibly a Seat Leon Cupra - so I am hoping someone may provide me with information about this.”

The RSPCA said the incident occurred at about 4.30 pm on 23 August.

The charity said they collected the incriminating evidence after a resident on Summerfield Road came across the dead pet and reviewed nearby CCTV footage.

Inspector Goulding said a vet who later assessed the black and white kitten found it had broken one of its legs and had a hernia between two others.

And she believes these injuries could have occurred before the cat was "callously" thrown out of the car.

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The kitten died on the road in Bradford. (swns)
The kitten died on the road in Bradford. (swns)

Inspector Goulding said: “An initial vet examination revealed the pet also had a broken front leg and a hernia between the back legs consistent with a blow between the legs.

“I believe these may have been sustained before the kitten was callously thrown from the car.

The latest RSPCA figures show that seven cats a day suffer at the hands of humans which increases during the busy summer months.

Inspector Goulding added: “This comes at a time when the RSPCA is busy asking for public support by donating to its Cancel Out Cruelty campaign so we can continue to help animals and investigate those responsible for such awful attacks.”