What You Need To Know Before Booking A Yacht In Singapore For The December Holidays

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With yachts parties becoming quite the trend since the release of Crazy Rich Asians in 2018, more Singaporeans are wanting to experience life on a yacht without actually having to buy one. The rise of the sharing economy and a lack of viable travel destinations in 2020 has prompted some Singaporeans to consider weekend getaways via yacht rentals.

By renting a yacht, you can not only throw small intimate parties, but also have the opportunity to experience something different. The maritime experience can be an exhilarating one. However, it can also be expensive. Here are some of the things you should know before renting a yacht for the December holidays.

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Although the pandemic has restricted the number of people that are allowed at any given venue to 5, and added layers of challenges (such as installing check-in systems, wearing of masks) to otherwise simple BBQs, small parties (at dock or at sea) and return boat rides to nearby islands like Lazarus island, there are still pleasures to be taken from a voyage at sea.

The beauty of renting yachts lies in its convenience and simplicity; there are many yacht rental service providers available for you to book. Like renting a car, you can indicate which day you prefer, along with how many hours you wish to book and how many people are going to be on the yacht.

Before you rush into booking your yacht for the holidays, it will be good to consider a few things:

How Long Do You Want To Book The Yacht For?

For starters, booking a yacht usually starts of at a minimum of 4 hours for most services, which means that you will have to set aside a big part of your day to be on deck, in addition to other COVID-19 precautionary measures that have to be abided by, such as temperature taking prior to boarding and Safe Entry as a tracking mechanism by all yacht rental providers.

What Kind Of Activities Do You Want To Do At Sea Or At The Docks?

Being out at sea would mean that you would be able to experience most water-based activities, such as snorkelling, fishing, kayaking, banana boat rides, jet skiing as well as taking sips from your margarita while on an inflatable float. Do check in with the service operators to find out which of these services are available and how much you may need to pay for these additional activities.

The Number Of People At The Event (Size Of The Yacht)

Due to Phase II restrictions, it might be some time before we see yacht mega parties once again. Before Phase III begins, however, yachts can only accommodate up to 5 people at any time. Even wedding solemnizations may have to abide by this rule, so it will be best to check with the service provider before planning a yacht wedding. Right now, it seems that the ideal events for yacht rentals are still reserved for small intimate gatherings.

Different Charters, Different Prices

Source: The Yacht Club

There are a few tiers of yachts, from small ones that cost around $500 to $700 to book, to super yachts that can cost $10,000 for 4 hours of fun. For the purposes of this article, we will touch on the more affordable rentals.

There are plenty of normal charters available, and service operators are constantly thinking of novel ways to engage Singaporeans especially at a time when there is a general weariness to going to yet another mall for a Sunday lunch.

If you are feeling adventurous, you can also check for overnight bookings. It is no surprise that these charters are far more expensive than regular ones, so be sure it is a night to remember before considering overnight charters.

Source: The Yacht Club

How It Works

You can browse a variety of platforms for the perfect maritime getaway deal such as Yachtly and Klook. Simply search for the fleet of yachts available for rent, look at the model and rental prices and see which one fits your budget. Usually, a minimum of 4 hours is required to book the yacht, but rest assured those 4 hours will fly by the moment you step onto the deck.

Source: Klook

Be sure to check the availability of the yacht, and book it a few days in advance so you have time to check what kind of charter service the package provides, whether it is a round trip transfer and of course, whether the package includes fuel fees. Furthermore, it will also be good to confirm the amenities available on the yacht prior to the day of the event. If you are planning to go kayaking or snorkelling, inform the management so they can prepare the necessary equipment for you.

Source: Klook

Nothing screams assurance like many 5-star reviews, so be sure to take a look at the reviews offered by (un)satisfied customers to prevent a bait-and-switch situation. More than the yacht itself, the captain and service crew can also make or break the atmosphere, so unless you have a yacht license, it will be good to read good reviews on the service crew too.

Sunset Cruises

With tourism operators scrambling to find new ways to drum up local demand for attractions before the Christmas holidays, yacht operators and owners are thinking out of the box to create new maritime opportunities to delight customers. One of these opportunities made available to Singaporeans is a unique sailing experience onboard Singapore’s only luxury Tall Ship, a 4-masted 22-sail super-yacht called the Royal Albatross.

Source: Klook

You can choose from 2 different dining-while-sailing experiences (day and night cruise) and enjoy food alongside free flow soft drinks onboard the luxurious cruise. Awarded best unique super yacht and best luxury yacht charter company by APAC Insider Business Awards 2016, 2017, 2018, it’s one of the most unique dining experiences in Singapore and is currently only retailing for S$208.65. It will be available for booking from 13 November onwards. Enjoy early boarding time and a free guided tour when you purchase from Klook.

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With increased demand for alternatives to overseas tourism and entertainment as the Christmas holidays loom, it can be frustrating to not have the opportunity to travel abroad. With that said, perhaps we can still find gems in Singapore worth considering as a getaway from the stresses of life.

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