I Know It's Wrong To Laugh, But These 35 Extremely Dumb Things People Posted On The Internet Last Month Are Absolutely Killing Me

1.On those childhood memories:

Text on gradient background reads "Trying to remember why we used to say Olly Olly Auction Free"

2.On 2003:

Person thinks 2003 is 30 years ago because 2023 to 2013 is 10 years and 2023 to 2003 is 20, so 20 + 10 = 30

3.On Antarctica:

Person thinks Antarctica is a country, not a continent

4.On leap years:

Person thinks 2021 was a leap year and 2025 is the next one because they say February 2024 has 28 days

5.On Grandma's devices:

A "Grandma phone" for sale for $150, showing a gramophone

6.On the miracle of birth:

"The loss of computer literacy thanks to overly user friendly devices makes me so sad; I'm buying my kid a computer as soon as he's out of the whom"; response: "Probably out of their mother"

7.On snacks:

"I would take you to the movies but they don't allow snacks in"; "Damnnn, but why snacks," "is your head just for decoration?"

8.On measurements:

A Facebook screenshot showing a comment debate about whether nature creates right angles, with an image of a natural pyrite crystal

9.On cracked phones:

Screenshot of a smartphone's home screen with visible icons and a celestial scene, with text message saying "I cracked my phone look"

10.On heavenly sounds:

Screenshot of a social media comment section with a humorous typo referring to someone having the voice of an "angle" with a reply asking, "Acute or obtuse?"

11.On explanations:

A screenshot of a social media post, with someone saying "I don't understand — can someone draw me a diaphragm?" with someone else attaching a diagram of the the human respiratory system, highlighting the diaphragm

12.On vocabulary:

"I am = I'm; Am doesn't exist in the English vocabulary, please stop using it" and a reaction image of a perplexed man captioned, "Am I a joke to you?"

13.On cramps:

A screenshot of a social media post about someone experiencing severe cramps and jokingly calling for "meta-paws," with humorous response: "Meta-paws yelling back your 31"

14.On truth:

Two YouTube comments: "Wait, you mean this show was fake the whole time?" response: "I reviews to believe it"

15.On getting paid:

Someone posts a comment referring to a paycheck as a "paycheque," someone else makes a snarky comment about learning how to spell "paycheck," and someone responds with a dictionary entry with alternative spellings of the word

16.On that ancient sport we all know and love:

"I just found out I'm lacrosse and talented, idk what it means but I think I can't cheese anymore or some shit': response: "OK this physically hurt me to read"

17.On tangents:

Text from an online comment discussing children in Yemen, questioning the reader's knowledge about Yemen and then saying "but I did grass" instead of "but I digress"

18.On the 15 15s:

Summarized tweet: A user says to find someone "and make him face the quince quinces"

19.On delusions:

Screenshot of a headline, "Trudeau says Canada is..." followed by social media comment: "Delusions of granger much?? Gaslighting at its stupidest lmao"

20.On new beginnings:

Social media post: "I got the job!! So excited!! On words and upwards!"

21.On hurting:

Stainless steel gas grill on a deck with cleaning products; caption mentions it needs cleaning and comes with a "pro pain tank"

22.On loud sounds:

Gym sign asks to respect upstairs residents by not slamming weights and keeping music "to a low decimal"

23.On all the others:

"the 'and many others' line is such a mycrowchawsum of everything i really dislike about these 'puzzles'"

24.On opportunities:

"they had all the excuses in the book as to why they broke up, but I think they took the opportunity for granite"

25.On American values:

"as an American I'm a Paul that you want [cut off]"

26.On taking chances:

"I love these moments! Wouldn't change it for the world but once u move or cough ur playing rush and roulette"

27.On the community:

"How dare you harass someone who says he's stabbed and shot at people he's a pillow of our community"

28.On relief:

"The one save and grace with nurse is that the games are over before they're even started"

29.On messes:

"I just spelt my drink all over me"

30.On misery:

"Some people are just helmet on being miserable, how sad"

31.On borrowing money:

"I can't walk on flat ground little loan a skinny board"

32.On taking advantage of the weak:

"Praying a pond the weakness of others sounds more like a villain than a hero"

33.On those sweet songs:

"Anyone else and the judge would say 'Shut up or the bailiff will sing you a la la bye'"

34.On Morocco:

Person says someone isn't African because they're Moroccan

35.And on science:

Person holds a snowball with a hole being melted by a lighter to suggest it's an example of how government is keeping information from us

Wow. Mind blown.