Kolkata Boy Gets new Liver 7 Years After Kidney Transplant, Recovering Well

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A 14-year-old Kolkata boy on Wednesday got a liver transplant at Rela Hospital in Chennai, seven years after he had a kidney transplant. The boy was diagnosed with a kidney ailment and had to undergo a kidney transplant at the age of six.

Sayak Chatterjee was just 5 years old when doctors started treating him for high blood pressure but with age, he developed kidney problems.

Due to his regular illness and kidney transplant, his parents had to sell their five-bigha land in Burdwan and shift to Kolkata for their only son’s medical care. His father took a job as a security guard in Kolkata and started living in a rented house.

A few doctors in 2016 declared that Sayak’s kidney would fail again anytime and he might have to face severe health issues. A doctor suggested Sayak’s parents visit Chennai and consult a paediatric specialist, Dr Naresh Shanmugam, at Rela Hospital.

Dr Naresh and Professor Dr Mohamed Rela reviewed the boy’s body and medical reports and diagnosed that he was suffering from cirrhosis and portal hypertension – high blood pressure in veins inside the abdomen.

Both the doctors suggested their parents go for a liver transplant. The parents consented to the transplant but they were not able to find a suitable person to donate the organ. Soon after, the Rela Hospital officials initiated to enlist Sayak’s name for cadaver donation transplant in 2020.

“We had to wait almost six months to get a suitable organ for Sayak. Sayak’s recovery was critical a few hours after the transplant surgery but later he recovered fast,” said Rela.

Dr Shanmugam said that Sayak was discharged only 11 days after the transplant surgery and now he is doing perfectly well.

Sayak’s parents, talking to the media said, “Our son has been missing school due to his ailment. The doctors of the Rela Hospital have shown us hope that our son will be perfectly well soon and he will be able to return to school to attend his classes like any other normal kid.”

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