Kolkata influencer Sandy Saha fined for dancing on city’s Ma flyover

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Sandy Saha, a social media influencer based in Kolkata has been fined for dancing on the city's Ma flyover amid heavy traffic. The video went viral after it was posted by Saha from his social media accounts.

The 3.38 minute video sees the influencer stepping out of a car after it is parked on the flyover. Saha crosses the road and dances on the flyover to the tune of the famous song Main Aayi Hoon UP Bihar Lootne. The comedian can be seen shaking a leg on the song while vehicles continue to make their way on the road.

Since being shared on 13 September, the video has gained over 1.9 lakh views on Facebook, with over 15,000 comments and 12,000 shares. Saha is a popular comedian, influencer and social worker in West Bengal who is known for his videos on YouTube and Facebook.

Many social media users tagged the Kolkata Police in the comments below the video, urging them to take action against Saha as the Ma flyover is considered unsafe for such activities. A notice was also sent to the Tiljala traffic guard regarding the incident.

The police took cognisance of the event, sending a fine notice to Saha and people present with him at the time of the video. The Tiljala police station has sent a notice to the driver of Saha's vehicle for illegal parking and also registered a self-motivated case.

Meanwhile, Saha has denied any wrongdoing. He later admitted that he was unaware that stopping cars on a flyover is prohibited.

This is not the only incident of people dancing on the road and violating traffic rules to gain social media likes. Recently, another social media influencer, Shreya Kalra, was in the news for dancing at a busy intersection in Indore.

The incident went viral, with several people condemning the video. Kalra was later served a notice for violating traffic rules.

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