Komtar ‘flooding’ due to accidental water tank release, says PDC (VIDEO)

Opalyn Mok
A screenshot from a viral video shows the staircase at Level 57 in Komtar which was flooded, November 22, 2019. ― Screenshot via Facebook

GEORGE TOWN, Nov 22 — A water tank on Level 61 of Komtar was accidentally emptied during maintenance work today, causing a cascade down the stairwells of the high-rise office block at about 12.25pm.

Water gushed down from Level 61 to Level 57 before the Komtar maintenance team was able to turn off the mains but bystanders had already recorded the incident and shared clips online by that point.

“The contractors had opened the strainer of the pump to the water tank without shutting off the water supply so it released all the water in the tank and we managed to stop it when the maintenance team came up to shut it off,” a spokesman from PDC Setia Urus Sdn Bhd said when contacted.

He said the blue lifts that went from the ground floor and the highest Level 61 had to be shut down as a precaution and for checks against possible water damage.

The spokesman confirmed that Levels 59, 58, and 57 were affected, and possibly several more lower floors but not those in the middle.


“We are now clearing up the water and we have checked all the electrical systems and there was no damage,” he said.

Lifts serving the middle floors were cleared and remain operational, he said.

Komtar’s elevator system is colour-coded and those marked in yellow serves floors up until Level 26 while the green elevators cater to those until Level 42.

PDC Setia Urus, which manages the building that houses the state administration’s offices, had released earlier a statement responding to reports online of the “flood”.

A screenshot from a viral video shows the staircase at Level 57 in Komtar which was flooded, November 22, 2019. ― Screenshot via Facebook

It stated a contractor, Pleninex Engineering Sdn Bhd, was appointed to carry out replacement of major components of the fire system in Komtar since September this year.

“At 12.25pm today, the contractor’s workmen, while working in the plant room at Level 61, accidentally opened a strainer without shutting off the water supply first, causing water to gush out of the pipe and flow downstairs,” it statement read.

It said the incident will not disrupt water supply at Komtar.

“PDC Setia Urus had responded to the incident immediately and by 2pm most of the mess has been addressed,” it said.

It said business is back to normal now.

Komtar houses most of the state government departments, agencies, the state exco’s offices in Level 52 and 53 and the Penang Chief Minister’s Office in Level 28.

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