What is the Koopa dance trend on TikTok?

TikTokers are doing the “Koopa dance” from Super Mario Bros. in this hilarious meme.

In the classic video game, Koopas are turtle-like creatures that frequently trot along certain levels. When the Super Mario theme music reaches a certain point — some call it the “Bah-Bah” — Koopas stop in their tracks to smile and do a little dance. It’s similar to Carlton’s arm swing from Fresh Prince of Bel-Air.

User @koopatroopa_official captured the moment in the game on TikTok in late October. Over 50,000 videos have since used it.

People use the sound to create skits as Koopas where they instinctively have to do the dance — no matter how strange the scenario.

“A koopa fighting for full custody of his children in court,” @frankiejustchillin said.

He frantically made his case to the “judge.” But when the “Bah Bah” music cue played, he stopped to do the Koopa dance, then continued speaking.

“Koopa finding out his wife was murdered,” @notliv.pearsall joked.

She acted as though she was receiving the tragic news on the phone but couldn’t help but Koopa dance through the tears.

“POV: Koopa trying to pull someone up after they fell off a cliff,” @graden516 said in a skit.

“A koopa cleaning up a murder scene,” @the_devils_child66 wrote in video text.

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