S. Korean actor Ahn Jae-hyun, caught in marital mess, withdraws from TV series 'Journey to the West 7'

Sylvia Looi
To keep his marital problems away from his latest project, Korean actor Ahn Jae-hyun has decided to withdraw from 'Journey to the West 7.' — Picture via Instagram/ahnjaehyum00

KUALA LUMPUR, Sept 17 — South Korean actor Ahn Jae-hyun has decided to withdraw from the television series Journey to the West 7.

After his “good man” image was affected, thanks to his public ongoing marital problems with actress Goo Hye-sun, Sin Chew Daily reported that Ahn wanted to avoid the series from being affected by his personal problems.

Fans responded with mixed reactions, with some expressing their disappointment over the actor's decision.

“Settle your family problems first then make a comeback,” quipped a fan.

Some, however, expressed joy, saying, “Finally I need not see the fake man's face!”

It was previously reported that Ahn had proceeded to submit divorce papers to the court following Goo’s recent actions.

The actress had previously posted, and subsequently deleted two Instagram posts with images of screenshots of her conversation with Ahn, where her husband had asked for a divorce.

More recently, Goo’s latest post accused Ahn of having an affair with co-star Oh Yeon-seo.

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