Korean robotics platform LUXROBO gets on Kickstarter; surpasses goal of US$30K in 3 days

Yon Heong Tung

Its MODI module is an innovative LEGO-style smart technology building solution

South Korean Robotics of Things (ROT) platform LUXROBO has turned to Kickstarter to fund its MODI modular kit, to considerable success.

On October 14, LUXROBO launched its campaign; three days later, it surpassed its funding goal of US$30,000. As of today, it has received a backing of US$47,908.

LUXROBO’s MODI modular kit is a unique combination of IoT and robotics technology — and geared towards robotics hobbyists. It comes with 13 different modules; all of which are colour-coded into three different types: Input, Output and Setup. Users can piece them together to create their own IoT device.

To give an example, a smart thermostat can be built out of six modules (each measuring 2.5 cm wide and 1.5cm tall). All that is required is a WiFi module, an LCD display module, a dimmer module, a battery module, a temperature module and a servo module. Then connect them together with the help of MODI’s magnetic connection mechanism.

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Other cool devices that can be created include a theft detector, an RC car, a mini Segway and much more.

Then, using LUXROBO’s graphic coding tool, users can drag and drop the commands to create custom interactions in the MODI OS. Users can also convert the graphic coding into C Language instantly.

One fun fact is that the MODI modules are also compatible with LEGO blocks. So users can gather un-used LEGO blocks to enhance their MODI device’s housing.

LUXROBO plans to add other programming languages and other types of modules to MODI’s line-up in the future. It won the TOP 100 Startup Search: Korea qualifiers this year and exhibited at the Echelon Asia Summit 2016.

Image Credit: LUXROBO

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