S. Korean Twitch streamer calls for action after being harassed while livestreaming in India

A South Korean Twitch streamer known online as Mhyochi is calling for Mumbai Police to take action after she was harassed by two men while livestreaming in Khar, India.

Mhyochi, a content creator and model whose real name is Hyojeong Park, was livestreaming in Khar on Tuesday night when one of the men grabbed her arm and pulled her toward a parked motorbike he was riding with his friend.

“I tried my best not to escalate the situation and leave because he was with his friend,” the streamer shared on Twitter. “And some people said that it was initiated by me being too friendly and engaging the conversation.”

One Twitch follower clipped the encounter from her stream and pointed out that Mhyochi was surrounded by “1000+ people.”

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“This cannot go unpunished,” user @Beaver_R6 tweeted, calling for Mumbai Police to take immediate action.

Other users chimed in, with one commenter saying it was a good thing Mhyochi was livestreaming at the time and that removing herself from the situation was “perfectly fine.”

Another Twitter user was slammed for victim blaming after telling tourists to do some research before they roam the streets of the country they’re visiting.

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One user said Mhyochi being friendly and open does not give the men a “free harassment pass.”

Mumbai Police have since publicly reached out to Mhyochi on Twitter, but the streamer has yet to find a way to give them her contact information directly as of Wednesday.


Featured Image via mhyochi.png, @mhyochi / @Beaver_R6